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Mexican arnica is a perennial member of the daisy family that grows in Mexico and in the American Southwest. Also known as camphor weed, telegraph weed and false arnica, this species is related to but is not the same herb as the better known European plant, Arnica montana. The herb does, however, possess some of the same characteristics and is used for similar purposes. For the most part, Mexican arnica is used to produce tinctures and infused oils for making various cosmetic formulations for the skin. This herb is not for internal use.

Arnica Flower, 1/4 lb

  • The whole flowers of Mexica arnica may be infused in alcohol or oil and used to make skin care products, including facial washes, soap, salves, lotions and hair and scalp conditioners. Sometimes this herb is used in combination with other herbs with similar skin-loving qualities, such as chamomile, meadowsweet and white willow bark.

Marble Surface


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