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This Life-Enhancing herbs combination is believed to support sexual function in men, Enhance the body's immune system when needed, and play a vital role in stress reduction. It even benefits a man's cognitive ability as he ages. It is also thought  to increase vitality and energy. It even works to help in the aging process - Promoting longevity and more graceful aging as the years pass. Encourages male virility- Helps to lesse stress and anxiety- Supports healthy vitality and energy- Enhances sexual vitality- Works as an immune svstem booster- Helps to diminish exhaustion and fatigue- Works to support the nervous system- Supports the improvement of red blood cell count Promotes male fertility- Supports a healthy Sperm count Enhances sperm motility- Increases volume of semen Revitalizes hormone imbalances- Promotes a healthy prostate gland- Supports a healthy erectile response- Works to Maintain healthy body weight- Encourages muscle development and strength- Helps to Strengthen cognitive function- Promotes confidence- Soothes and calms the mind- Relieves agitation Encourages longevity- Promotes vital life force- Increase Sexual Pleasure & Drive - Help to prevent premature ejaculation.


Simply it's the best herbal tonic combination that ever comes across to help u to get back your sexual confident & boost up your lagging libido.


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5-IN-1 Organic Ashwagandha Roots Honey with Ginko Biloba

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  • Serving Size: 2 Teaspoons or 1 Tablespoon

Marble Surface


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