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New Life Health Foods is committed to providing affordable healthy lifestyle alternatives to people in Chicago. Always  grateful.  Always thankful. Always giving back.

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Super Colon Cleanse

Ray says: I think it's important to stay regular and to flush toxins out of the system

Herb Benefits

Activated Charcoal has several health benefits including Whitening Teeth and Cleansing Blood!

Ashwagandha is great for brain functions, reducing inflammation, booting testosterone and more!

Bentonite is a natural probiotic, helps alkalize the body and more!

Black Seed is helpful for blood circulation, male prostate, diabetes, and more!

Bladderwrack has many health benefits including supporting a healthy thyroid and metabolism!

Burdock Root is great for detoxing your liver, purifying blood and more!

ALL CBD sold by Barney's New Life is free of THC, check out the benefits!

Dandelion is a great source of iron, supports joints & bones, and more!

Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic & antioxidant, reduces fevers, is an anti-inflammatory and so much more!

Graviola a.k.a. Soursop has many great health benefits including relieving pain and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Horny Goat Weed's benefits range from energy, to libido boosting, to blood circulation!

Irish Moss is great for your thyroid, metabolism, and joints!

Kava Kava is great to help you quit smoking, and even aids in relieving stress and anxiety!

This natural antibiotic and painkiller has many other great benefits!


Address: 3141 West Roosevelt Rd.

Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: 773-762-1090



*All water refills are $1 per gallon.  Any contents under 1 gallon will be charged up to the gallon. Alkaline water refills are handled in store only!!

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